Demo: (edit: the server is off at the moment)

video showing an isochrone map of Orleans

This website shows you how far you can travel in Orléans using public transportation. The result is an isochrone map that updates when the user changes:

  • departure position
  • departure time / day

The isochrone curves are computed using actual transportation data (tram and buses) from

The front-end (github repository) is a small Vue.js app that uses leaflet to display the map and the isochrone curves.

The back-end (github repository) is built in Python and relies mainly on pandas and geopandas. The data source is and ensemble of static files (GTFS format) that describe the public transportation available on a given day and time of day. This data source is dynamically analysed to create the isochrone curves that describe how far one can travel during a given duration.

Example of output